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Best Arataki Itto Team Comps in Genshin Impact

To perform at his best, Itto needs his gang for support.

Arataki Itto is one of Genshin Impact’s biggest hitters, able to deal massive damage to waves of enemies with an arsenal of powerful geo abilities and sweeping sword strikes. While a finely tuned build for Itto is of course a must for any would-be Itto user, you can’t get the most out of this particular main DPS character without the proper party. As such, this guide will take you through our Best Arataki Itto team comp.

Below you’ll find our picks for the best sub-DPS, battery, and support character who compliment Itto, as well as a section for f2p players looking to get good millage out of this 5-star warrior on the cheap.

What is the best Arataki Itto team comp?

Arataki Itto pointing up at a statue in Genshin Impact
Arataki Itto is one of the best DPS in the game when surrounded by the right team.

The best comps for Aloy rely on a custom combination of characters that enhance Aloy’s damage-dealing capabilities. As such. We suggest using:

  • Main DPS: Aratakki Itto
  • Sub DPS: Albedo
  • Battery: Bennet
  • Support: Gorou

Albedo is a brilliant character in general, with a super fast elemental burst cooldown and aoe damage potential. Not only can they wipe out enemies quickly, their power scales with defence! This means that as you invest more into Albedo, the tankier they become leading to a easy to use, reliable source of damage.

As for a battery character, we’re recommending Bennet (as we usually do). There's a good reason for that, as Bennet is easily one of the best battery characters in the game. Able to generate elemental orbs almost constantly and safely, generating energy with Bennet is like getting water from your kitchen sink. You just turn the tap and it comes flowing. .

For our support pick, we’ve got Gorou! This character came alongside Itto in their release banner, and as their four-star counterpart have multiple moves that enhance geo characters. Their elemental burst boosts geo damage and defence across the team, so it’s important that you switch out to Gorou if you want to make the most of their inclusion in the gang.

What is the best Arataki Itto f2p team comp?

Noelle in Genshin Impact.
Noelle is a must pick for any Geo f2p friendly comp!

If you managed to luck out and get Arataki Itto as one of your first five star characters, but lack the additional top-tier picks to squeeze the most out of them, there’s no need to worry! Even with a simple team of cheap and easy to obtain picks, you can still pop off with Itto. Our f2p team picks are:

  • Main DPS: Aratakki Itto
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya
  • Battery: Geo Traveler
  • Support: Noelle

Aratakki Itto, as you’d imagine, still maintains their role as tog dog of the squad in a main DPS slot. While we don’t get the same level of Geo synergy, with some special pics we can still achieve a similar effect. Kaeya, the clear oddball in this team, is a character all players will have and who can pull of some decent damage all on their own. They’re purely a backup, while the rest play into Itto’s strengths well.

This includes the Geo Traveller, a classic pick for any f2p player who is able to use their elemental skill consistently during long fights, as well as generate geo shield orbs easily too! Be sure to swap over to the Traveller as soon as they’re able to slam a boulder down, cash in that damage, then swap back over to your damage dealers.

Finally, we’ve got Noelle! This character is likely the best overall character given to plates for free, and for good reason! With her abilities to provide shields paired with her amazing level of tankiness, she’s a great option to swap to when you need to hold down the fort for a while. She also does great damage as a desperation option in tricky encounters.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our Aratakki Itto best team comps guide. For more Genshin Impact content check out our free Genshin Impact codes page for some quick free in-game rewards, as well as our report on the Genshin Impact Version 2.7 delay.

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