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Best Beidou Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Every pirate captain needs a trusty crew. Here are our suggestions!

Beidou is one of the more underrepresented characters in Genshin Impact teams, thanks in large part to their middling damage output especially in relation to some of the game’s more exceptional characters. While a great Beidou build can make a major difference, a specially constructed team comp can really allow Beidou to shine.

As such, we’ve created this guide on our best Beidou team comp so you can be sure to use characters that best compliment Beidou. If you’ve not got an account full of various characters, don’t worry! We’ve also got f2p options for those just starting out.

What is the best Beidou team comp?

Beidou from Genshin Impact (from a Japanese exclusive promotional video).
Beidou may not be the best, but her impact in the right party may shock you...

The best comps for Beidou have her playing second fiddle to another, complimentary character. As such, we recommend::

  • Main DPS: Ayato
  • Sub DPS: Beidou
  • Battery: Bennet
  • Support: Diona

Beidou is brilliant at spreading electro across many enemies at once, and as such we’re aiming to have her in a sub DPS role behind a powerful hydro main DPS who can make the most out of Electro-charged elemental reactions and decreased enemy defence.

Enter Ayato, an incredibly good hydro sword user who can cut through waves of enemies like butter. Paired with constant electro-charged procs and they can wipe out any foes in the game with ease. With Ayato, there’s no horsing around. You’ll be set to clear almost any content you come across.

As for the team battery character, Bennet is a brilliant option as he’s able to use his elemental skill in a matter of seconds to generate elemental orbs for your team. In addition, the combination of pyro and electro elements can lead to occasional Overload procs for AOE damage.

Finally, for the support Diona is our pick. Another Hydro character, they grant your team the Hydro elemental resonance which further improves Ayato’s damage output. In addition, they provide much needed shields for some protection against incoming damage.

What is the best Beidou f2p team comp?

Beidou on her ship in Genshin Impact.
Even without many five star powerhouses, Beidou can shine in a specially crafted team!

Now, the previous build is all well and good if you happen to have these five star characters, but what of the humble f2p player? Who’d rather spend their money on bills, food, and savings rather than digital characters. Well, luckily for them, there are good options. Our f2p is as follows:

  • Main DPS: Beidou
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya
  • Battery: Electro Traveller
  • Support: Barbara

For the f2p build we place Beidou in the main DPS role, as they can deal a decent amount of DPS when set up correctly. With the proper team comp, they should be able to crush any enemies you come across in the open world and domains.

Our Sub DPS slot is filled with Kaeya, an underrated cryo sword user who’s able to dish out some big damage numbers himself and generate a respectable amount of elemental energy with the short cooldown on his elemental skill. Finally, the combination of Cryo and Electro damage will lead to Superconduct procs, lowering the defence of enemies and making it easier for Beidou to clear them out.

As for a battery, the Electro Traveller is a solid choice. Able to use their skill at a rapid rate in fights, they’re a great source of elemental energy for players without many other options. Add on top of this another source of Superconduct and the electro Traveller fits snuggly into this squad.

Finally, we have Barbara in a support role. The basic healer all players receive as they play, Baraba provides average healing to your team quick enough for it to work out more often or not. What’s great about Barbara in this team is the wet status effect they apply to enemies, which offers a source of electro-charged damage every now and again alongside a decent heal.

That concludes our Best Beidou team comp for Genshin Impact guide! For more Genshin Impact stuff, check out our monthly free Genshin codes page, as well as this dancer who choreographed a sweet dance to the Genshin Impact OST.

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