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Genshin Impact best Xiao build, weapons, and best Xiao F2P options

Unleash the demon within

Xiao, one of the most popular anemo characters in Genshin Impact, is coming back with the release of Genshin Impact version 2.7 at the end of this month. He's an excellent DPS pick on his own thanks to his transformation attacks and high base stats. While he performs best with an awesome team comp by his side, you'll want to focus on improving Xiao's build if you want him to stop pulling his punches.

He’s hyper focused on one thing and one thing only: dealing huge amounts of damage. There’s not much else you can do with Xiao aside from letting him loose on the field, but that’s all he really needs to do anyway. Our best Xiao build helps you do just that, with suggestions for weapons, artifacts, and f2p options too if you've not gonna many primo gems spare.

Watch the version 2.7 trailer, featuring Xiao, above!

Is Xiao a DPS character?

Absolutely, to the exclusion of almost everything else. Xiao has high base attack, and his Elemental Skill and Burst are both focused on dealing damage. You can use his skill to help with exploration, since it covers long distances, but Xiao is best suited for the primary DPS role on your team.

What is the best Xiao build in Genshin Impact?

An image of Xiao from their official reveal trailer!
Xiao can easily fill the slot as your main damage dealer, as long as you have the right build.

Xiao has a single focus, hitting things very hard, and the best build helps him do that even better than usual.

What is the best Xiao weapon?

The Primordial Jade Winged Spear is made for Xiao and has its own rerun in this update’s weapon banner. It has one of the highest attack stats of any polearm and a secondary stat that boosts the user’s critical hit rate. Best of all for Xiao is the passive skill, Eagle Spear of Justice.

Landing an attack increases the user’s attack stat by 3.2% for six seconds, and it stacks seven times. The stacking is slightly uneven, though, since the maximum damage increase with seven stacks is 12%.

Skyward Spine is a good alternative. It has the same attack stat, boosts Energy Recharge, and increases both normal attack speed and critical hit rate. Some have also found good results with the Staff of Homa, which boosts attack based on the user’s HP, so that’s always an option if you have a spare one laying round.

What are the best Xiao Artifacts?

Xiao’s Burst turns his attacks into Anemo attacks, so your best bet for Xiao Artifacts is maximizing Anemo damage and attack. For that, we recommend:

  1. 2-piece Viridescent Veneer: Increases Anemo damage by 15%
  2. 2-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence OR Gladiator’s Finale: Increases attack by 18%

What is the best Xiao F2P build?

Xiao wearing their mask in their reveal trailer. Genshin Impact.
Not got all the best gear? No problem! Xiao can hold their own even with subpar equipment.

Xiao’s F2P build might lack the fancy spear, but it still brings out his extraordinary potential for dealing heavy damage.

Best Xiao F2P weapon

We’re going with Prototype Starglitter for this one. Its attack stat is a little on the low side, but it offers a hefty boost to Energy Recharge. Starglitter’s passive skill also increases the user’s attack by 8% for 12 seconds. It stacks twice, so you get the full bonus after using Xiao’s dual-use Skill, and the cooldown matches his Skill cooldown perfectly.

Best Xiao Artifacts for F2P

Xiao’s Artifacts for this build are the same as the paid build, since you’re still focused on pushing his physical and Anemo damage as high as possible. Aim for Viridescent Veneer and Gladiator’s Finale (or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence) with this one as well.

When is the Genshin Impact Xiao rerun?

Xiao is returning as the main character with their own rerun wish banner in Genshin Impact version 2.7. They'll be available to roll for in phase one of the update, alongside Yelan who'll be taking the spotlight in their premier appearence in Genshin Impact. They'll be available for three weeks, at which point phase two will began and their wish banner will be removed.

What are the Xiao materials?

Xiao’s materials are fairly standard for a Liyue character. You’ll need Juvenile Jade, Slime Condensate, and Qingxin Flower, along with items in the Vayuda series. Xiao talent materials are a bit more involved and include more slime materials, books in the Prosperity series, and Shadow of the Warrior, which you can only obtain from Liyue’s weekly boss fight.

Once you're finished padding out Xiao, take a stroll in the sea and check out one of our favourite areas in Genshin Impact, Enkanomiya. The underwater region takes some work to unlock, but there's plenty of secrets to uncover there, including more islands after the initial one, secret books, and key sigils.

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