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The official IGN app offers simple navigation to make it easy to quickly browse news, reviews, gameplay, movie trailers, game trailers, and more.

Log in with your IGN account to bookmark articles and videos to save the news and reviews you care about, and quickly get back to them.


Rotating your device puts you in full screen video mode.

Rotating your device puts you in full screen video mode.



We want to make it as quick as possible from the time you take your phone from your pocket or bag to the time you’ve got the news.

  • Watch experience — We’re making video first-class. Browse videos by latest, popular, gameplay, and trailers, and rotate your device to watch videos fullscreen.

  • Meaningfully organized — Clear filters and easy access to things like reviews, and we’re going to organize our video filters to match out new youtube channels so you know where you’re published content will end up.

  • Account Bookmarking — Bookmarking articles and videos to save in your IGN account

  • Fresh visuals — We wanted to have a fresh, paired-back visual style that is simpler to look at and can easily have a great dark mode.

  • Even more — Join the conversation in the community with comments, share videos with friends, family, and followers, and choose the “Use less data” setting to save bandwidth on the go



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