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How to play PvP in V Rising | What’s the difference between PvP and Full Loot PvP?

Here’s exactly how each PvP mode works in V Rising.

V Rising is the vampire survival game that just recently hit Early Access on Steam, and Stunlock Studios have certainly done something right, as over one million budding vampires have installed the game.

As a vampire, players must drain the blood of enemies, avoid the sun, and craft endlessly in order to build a strong empire. As you start your game of V Rising, there are a few options on offer: PvE, PvP, Full Loot PvP, and Duos PvP.

Choosing what type of server you want to be on can be difficult, especially when it isn’t clear what the differences between each PvP mode are. Fortunately, we explain each game mode, and the differences between PvP, Full Loot PvP, and Duos PvP.

What is the difference between V Rising’s PvP modes?

PvE in V Rising seems to be the standard game mode in which players do not battle it out with each other. When it comes to PvP, though, you’ve a couple of modes on offer to try and choose from.

V Rising PvP

The standard PvP mode in V Rising is identical to PvE, except you’re now allowed to engage in vampire-on-vampire combat with other players. You’ll also be able to raid player’s castles and loot some of their resources.

What is Full Loot PvP in V Rising?

Full Loot PvP is somewhat of an upgrade to standard PvP in V Rising, and it’s a lot more high-stakes for everyone on the server, too. In this mode, the rules are the same as PvP, except you’re going to be able to loot a lot more from fellow vampires.

In Full Loot PvP, the clue is in the name. If you happen to be killed by another player, your entire inventory is dropped. In PvP and Full Loot PvP modes, you’re going to fare a lot better alongside a clan. However, if you don’t have a clan, the third and final PvP mode may suit you.

What is Duos PvP in V Rising?

If you haven’t got a clan to team up with, or simply prefer to play alone or in a smaller group, Duos PvP is the way to go. This mode is also great if you don’t fancy coming up against four strong vampires as a solo player.

During Duos PvP in V Rising, you’ll be able to engage in PvP solo, or as part of a clan with one other player. Grab a close friend and go live your best vampire life!

If you haven't got a clan of four, join a Duos PvP server in V Rising.

Can you turn off PvP in V Rising?

The simple answer is that there is no option to turn off PvP in V Rising. Once you have chosen a server to play on, that’s that.

If you’re looking to avoid combat with other players and wish to keep your hard-earned resources safe, choose to play on PvE servers at the beginning of your game.

That’s all there is to know about PvP in V Rising, and good luck out there if that’s the mode you choose to play. PvP raids can be pretty ruthless if you come up against strong clans, so be sure to collect plenty of cotton and iron, and get your gear upgraded.

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